Tuesday, November 1, 2011

J. Crew Collection Review: Double Faced Cashmere Popover.

Hi, ladies!  It has been a while since this blog has been updated and I figured I would do a very long awaited review.  :)  I had wanted to make sure I actually wore the double faced cashmere popover in real life for a few days in a row so I could give a good, full review.

I spied this collection piece in the look book last spring and I hounded my PS to give the info on it, as I knew if I could save long enough, I could get a double faced cashmere piece for my closet.  I really wanted to have a piece made from this fabric as I discovered I LOVED the way it felt and looked after seeing Cleo's version last fall.  She decided not to keep hers, but if she is regretting her decision in anyway (lol, probably not), she can grab it again this year, as they have re-released it.

I liked the simple, quirky take on a classic blazer that this popover is and I figured that if I wore it twenty years from now small children wouldn't run up to me on the street and laugh at my expense.  That is one thing I insist upon when spending boatloads of saved money, pick something that will fit for a long time and will stay classic looking for a long time.  I have a feeling I am not alone here.

It retails at $1200 and flits in and out of "sold out" status.  I did not pay $1200...with the cardholder discount plus the educator discount I was able to get it for around $850 or so.  I have even seen a few pop up on ebay for far less, so if you really like it, and don't mind a clearance center black mark through the tag, you could grab one that way.  Or wait until the next all-inclusive promo (there was one for 25% off last week at jcrew.com) to get it.  I think the fabric alone is probably worth a hefty amount of money as I rarely have seen double faced cashmere pieces for under $1000, so in some sense J. Crew's $1200 seems fairly reasonable in the world of this luxurious fabric choice.  (For instance, I LURRRRVE this piece from Donna Karan, but yow, I cannot afford that.)

Okay, here are some in real life photos and more info on sizing:
I wore this popover for half of my trip to France.  It was just cold enough to justify it.  The nights also needed the inclusion of the scarf, a hat, and gloves.  During the day, though, I often just put my hands in the pockets so I could feel the softness of the fabric.

I have been (and will be) spending a ridiculous amount of space on my personal style blog on the Paris trip, which will include more photos of the popover in action, so you may want to go on over there in the couple of weeks if you want to see more.

Quick thoughts on sizing.  I had originally ordered the size small thinking that if the sizing started at size extra small that would mean J. Crew was going with their traditional (read: non-vanity) sizing.  I was wrong.  The popover on the right is my size small, and as I am sure you can all see, it is HUGE and all rumply looking.  I thought I would just suck it up, but when I told my PS the deal, she located an extra small near me, at Tyson's of all places.  :)

So I brought the large size small and tried on the extra small to ensure that was the correct size, and to my great relief it was.  The shoulders fit, the bust fit, the hips fit (amazingly), and the sleeves were still more than long enough.

Obviously I would never wear this popover with either of these outfits, as I am sure you can tell, these photos were simply try-ons for you all.  ;)

Also, the lighting in both rooms was radically different, but the color was exactly the same, closer to the fitting room photo.

If you are teeny, you will be outsized unless you are willing to pay good money for alterations.  I say use that extra mullah and buy something from net-a-porter.

This gives you a nice close up of the popover collar and color and fabric.  This photo will also be appearing on my blog soon, too, where I will dissect the rest of the outfit.  True J. Crew Aficionadas will recognize why I am wearing the blouse at the Eiffel Tower.  ;)

Hope this has helped some of you.  Definitely think for many of the Collection pieces it is nice to have a full review before purchasing.  Heck, I wouldn't have even considered it had it not been for Cleo showing me her pretty last year!

You all have a great day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Review - Darlington Disappointment

My fall orders have been slowly rolling in (everything seems to be on backorder this time around!) and I recently got my hands on the Darlington Satchel in Indigo.

AudreyBella did a great review of the bag over at Life is Short...Buy the Shoes and she really loved it. Me? Not so much.

And here's why - it's not big enough!!!! I like my bags BIG (ask Rosa, Dina, and Drewablank) and this bag really isn't much bigger than an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. The online measurements are listed as 9"H x 14"W x 4 1/2"D, but the pictures made it seem big enough for my needs. Well, I should have paid more attention to those measurements because there is no way you can get more than a few files, a wallet, and an ipad/kindle in here. My laptop barely fit, and it's small and very slim. And for a girl that has been trained by many years in grad school that bags must hold EVERYTHING, that just doesn't cut it!

So although the bag is a beautiful color (it's a little darker with a more navy cast IRL than in the online pictures) and well constructed (see AudreyBella's great pics), it just wasn't for me. If you don't carry lots with you on a daily basis though, it might be worth tracking down - the indigo and light camel color are currently sold out online, while the black is still available.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sealed With A Kiss Update

It seems like others may agree with what I said in my post on July, 27. Like nail polish, lipstick is an easy way to transition to a new season without spending a lot of money. My amazing friend and fellow contributor to this blog, Rosa, and creator of her own RosaLovesDC blog (it's amazing so you need to visit) tried to order the new Poppy King for J. Crew lipstick and told me that it's backordered until September. I was lucky enough to see it live when I went to my favorite J. Crew about two weeks ago. Well, I didn't buy it. Why? On my lips it was an EXACT match for Maybelline's Coral Crush that I already own. So, if you don't want to spend $18 or you are sick of waiting for your order to come in, I recommend going to your local drugstore and checking out Maybelline's Coral Crush.

If you're interested, there's also an article on page 216 in this month's Lucky about the lipstick and one of the three shades of nail polish, Hot Pepper (see below), a result of J. Crew and Face Stockholm's new partnership. I bought this color and love it. The polish is $12.

The article, J. CREW, BOTTLED, says, "Who doesn't want to channel the gorgeous, preternaturally refreshed models in the J. Crew Catalog? (Behati Prinsloo, we're looking at you! See image below) Especially that the amazing lipstick shade-you know, that can't-put-your-finger-on-it, reddish-pink coral? Now, lipstick guru Poppy King has concocted a single universally flattering shade that totally J. Crew-ifies your lips. (It's on the sheer side, so you can customize the amount of pigment you want.) Similarly inspired, Face Stockholm created a collection of nail lacquers based on the brand's best fall looks. The mango shade is pretty amazing with the aforementioned lipstick." In my opinion, the nail polish is more of a reddish-pink or watermelon shade than mango.
FACE Stockholm® nail polish
Image of lipstick and nail polish from J. Crew.com
Image from vanityfair.com

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obsessed! The Madewell Fall Lookbook is Amazing!

Madewell recently posted their Fall lookbook in their website and I became obsessed with these outfits. So many looks I want to recreate and so many items in my wish list for Fall. I cannot wait!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Up for grabs: codes and coupons

Hi all!  I've got a couple codes/coupons up for grabs:

  • J.Crew free shipping codes: I have two of these available.  They expire tomorrow.
  • Virtual Dollars from The Limited: They are good for $25 off a $50 purchase, and can be combined with each other (but not other coupon codes), as long as you meet the combined minimum (so $50 off $100 purchase).  I have two of these.  These expire August 7th.
  • Tiered dollars off coupons from The Limited: $15 off purchase, $30 off $100, and $50 off $150.  I have two of each code. These expire August 7th.
If you know you will use these, please e-mail me at truecrewlove@gmail.com - first come, first served.

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    We Love Your Style!

    We got our very first reader submissions in our True 'Crew Love Tumblr page and we love them all.
    Thank you so much for participating.
    If you want to submit your outfits or polyvore sets click here.
    For detailed instructions for your submissions or if you have any questions, click here.

    We also added a button on the side bar that will take you directly to our Tumblr page.

    We can't wait to see your submissions for We Love Your Style!

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Sealed With A Kiss

    According to The (Un) Official J. Crew Blog, 770/Behind The Line, "Our favorite go-to beauty tip is adding a bold lip color. We are partial to a quirky coral but could never find one that was just right, so we called in an expert to help us make our own! This season we have collaborated with Poppy King to make our dream lip color:a bit of red with a hint of coral. It's the perfect shade of Poppy. Worn here by a few of our women's designers-you can see it's a color that everyone can agree on!"
    I love a bold lip also. Like nail polish, lipstick is an easy way to transition to a new season without spending a lot of money. I've always liked the lipstick choices that were used in the catalog/online so I was psyched when I found out the name of one of the shade that I kept admiring, a super bright pink by Nars called Funny Face. I wear it almost daily. So you can imagine that I'm thrilled that J. Crew has partnered with Poppy King (aka the Lipstick Queen) to produce a shade of their own. Since I'm trying to spend less on clothes, I'll be buying this to add to my lipstick collection. My non-J. Crew collection includes many shades that my favorite bloggers wear and thankfully post. If you're a fan of bold color but want to spend less than the $18 price tag for this new creation, I suggest Revlon's Orange Flip, Hot Melon, Persian Melon, and Lilac Champagne or Maybelline's Coral Crush or Covergirl's Spellbound Envoutee.

    You can find out more about Poppy by visiting http://www.lipstickqueen.com/. Ms. King also just teamed up with Kate Spade to create a capsule collection called "Supercalifragilipstick" for fall. There will be four different shades available: Pop Art Pink (a light pink), Bashful Blush (a sheer nude), Fuchsia Fete (a sheer fuchsia) and Adventurous Red (a sheer red).