Monday, January 10, 2011

Sosie Sequin Tank Review: At What Price Is It Worth It?

Ah, J. Crew.  You put out so many lovelies, don't you?  Sadly many of your most lovely items are also ridiculously overpriced.  Case in point: The Sosie Sequin Tank.

I fell head over heels in love with the dusty sage version after seeing on the model in the August catalog:

I knew I could manage all the other pieces, I had a grey skirt that is similar, I had a bag that is similar, and I immediately ordered the dream v-neck cardigan in heathered nordic blue.  The tank was an issue, though.  At $495, it had an exceedingly steep price tag for such a lovely bit of silk and sequins.  So I basically just said, eh, no. 

Then my ebay wanderings did me some good.  (I love scouring ebay for deals.  I have a few ideas on how to score some great J. Crew items from ebay, but that is for another post, and another day.)

In late September, I did a search for "J. Crew sequin."  This tank popped up with an initial bid price of $159.99 and a buy it now of $225 (I believe).  I didn't want to buy it now at that price, and was pretty much betting that my initial (and only) bid of $159.99 would be outbid, so I kind of just bid and went on with my day.  A few days later I received the e-mail notification that I had won and if I could please pay the nice ebay seller, I could get my Sosie sequin tank. 

At that point, I literally jumped for joy!  I couldn't believe that I was the only person interested in it.  The seller had provided a ton of pictures, guaranteed that it would be in perfect shape, and that its only flaw was a single black line through the tag to prevent retail returns (this top is most likely from one of the three clearance centers).  After I paid (one of the few times I have done so happily), I waited a few days, and there it came, in its shimmery, mermaid-esque glory. 

It took me a while to find a reason to wear it, but last week's Winter Wardrobe Runway Show provided the perfect outlet for its first appearance in public (for more on what I mean by Winter Wardrobe Runway Show, check out my most recent post on the fashion classes I teach at a local elementary school).

 That smile shows how much I like to shimmer like a mermaid.  This is a size 4 and that is my true to size J. Crew cami size.  If you are busty, you may want to size up one size, just for a bit of comfort.

The tank is lined.  The shell is silk and the sequins are hand-applied very carefully throughout the entire cami.  Even the tank straps are sequined.  It is actually quite sturdy, and I found it did very well on Friday.  It also felt comfortable, so I didn't spend the whole day feeling conspicuous or fidget-y. 

I am waiting to show the whole outfit I wore (these photos of the tank by itself are just for this review--the school I teach at has a strict "no spaghetti strap" rule--even for fab fashionistas like me, lol) until I can get it ready for posting at My Superfluities.  When that post happens, I will update this blog post with links to the entire outfit.

So is the Sosie Sequin Tank worth it at $495?  Well, it is made beautifully and it is part of the J. Crew Collection, but honestly, with the cost per wear fairly high (I may wear this beauty twice or three times a year if I am lucky), and with the expense of cleaning it also high, $495 is way too high for anyone outside of the Sultan of Brunei.

Is the Sosie Sequin Tank worth it at $249.99, which is its current sale price?  It does take the cost down to half, which is great...but I can see it isn't moving at that price (nearly all colors and sizes are still available), so it must not be to the vast majority of people out there. 

Is the Sosie Sequin Tank worth it at $174.99 (Current price minus the 30% off sale going on right now)?  I would say IF YOU LOVE IT and REALLY CAN SEE YOURSELF WEARING IT, then yes.  If I had not gotten mine on ebay, I would have happily purchased it at this price. 

I hope this helps some of you who might be on the fence about whether or not you should personally take the sosie sequin tank plunge.


  1. Dina I really like this cami and I love that you got it for such a great deal. Maybe if it goes on sale a little more I will get it!

  2. It really does look great on you and like you said - it was something you were after that you got at a really great price. I got a couple of the drapey sequins at around the $65 range w/codes prior to the holidays and I love them...however also ran my hands over the fancier collection pieces. They are fab and I appreciate your review because I always wonder if they're really worth it. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi, Ladies: Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Amber's Notebook: I took a look at your blog, love your style, so beautiful!

    Rosa: I won't tell anyone if you get it now. LOL. I kid. ;)

    Carrie: Hi! Thanks! I do think that *some* of the collection pieces are worth it. Right now I am STALKING ebay for the cashmere herringbone blazer in a 4 or 6, the near $1000 price range is so far from my sphere of spending that I need there to be a sample sold for a bit closer to my neighborhood of comfortable. LOL. Those drapey sequin tanks and tees are amazing. I have the tee in the heirloom pink and it was such a flattering color and shape!

    I took a look at your blog and I adore your last outfit. I need to try a look like that. I can see that working well for me when I do my errands and such. I would feel chic, which is hard to do with two little ones!

  4. How PRETTY! The dusty shale is a gorgeous color!

  5. Also an owner of this cami and LOVE it. It's gorgeous, nicely fitted and definitely worth the current sale price! You look beautiful in this Dina!

  6. What size did you get Summerilla? I know I always have a hard time with JCrew camis in terms of the sizing. Thanks in advance!

  7. Definitely worth the price you paid! Not sure I could have brought myself to pay $495 for a scored girl!

  8. Hey RosaLovesDC - I bought it in a size 0 and it's nicely fitted, it's not too big like a lot of the other size 0's have been lately.

  9. What a score! Congratulations! :-)